Sunday, September 23, 2012


I've been ruthless about the things I've had to discard. 

My Big Baby Taylor guitar has been with me for 8 years and while I learned a few chords, I never got much further in the learning process.  Despite knowing that I didn't want to learn how to play anymore, I kept it hung proudly.  Everytime I paid enough attention, it felt as though the Big Baby was calling me a failure, when that wasn't the case.  It's called acceptance.  So, I began asking myself whether now was the time to scale back my hobbies (none of which have been mastered).  I posted the Big Baby on and sold it to a great musician, but it's not entirely the right time.

 The next round was suppose to be about narrowing down hobbies to the one that counts, but besides cutting physical items, streamlining my cluttered schedule, which also has blocks of unmoveable/regular mandatories, must come first.

How can I streamline my weekday routines, so I can include things I enjoy?  A few days go, I took a snapshot of my workweek by tracking everything I did starting from my arrival home after work (this is where bad habits begin, which adversely affect the next day).  I also listed the REASON for the activity so I can later decide whether it stays or goes.  I'm not naturally organized or disciplined. I'm on autopilot all day, don't plan ahead and take it all as it comes. This is bad for even the most organized person, so something has to change. Before reading about my day, here's an interesting video on how to break a bad habit:
 Here's 24 hours:
  • Get home from work at 9pm (might need to streamline work day)
  • Go straight to the livingroom (want to relax asap)
  • Sit with coat on (too tired to remove)
  • Watch tv (desire to unwind/do something light-hearted)
  • Talk with family (otherwise, I'd only see them on weekends)
  • Continue watching tv after family goes to bed (I want to relax alone)
  • Remove coat (desire to be more comfortable)
  • Turn tv off at 12:35AM (trying to have a life and not go straight to bed)
  • Procrastinate bedtime (worry about to-do list for work tomorrow)
  • Go to my room/remove coat (coats in room so it feels like my own apartment)
  • Turn on computer/read blogs (trying to have a life and not go straight to bed)
  • Strip clothes/no pjs (too sleepy to put on pjs)
  • Go to bed at 2am (trying to have a life and not go straight to bed)
  • 7:10am shower (to feel less shitty)
  • Pick skin (desire for clear skin)
  • Lotion body (so my skin won't get tight)
  • Put on underthings/jeans (it's getting cool outside/nothing else to wear)
  • Try on a couple of shirts - (desire to be taken seriously by the intern, especially because my boss talks down to me in front of her)
  • Settle on a shirt (stripes make me look smart)
  • Braid my ponytail (to hide my dry hair texture and split ends)
  • Apply makeup - (to hide scarring from picking skin)
  • 5 minute meditation - (stop mind from racing/calm myself)
  • Put coat on in my room (so it feels like I'm leaving an apartment)
  • Purse (same reason previously stated)
  • Go downstairs (I need the money from work)
  • Complain about work to uncle- (this is a cry for help)
  • Drink a glass of milk quickly- (I guess it's better than drinking water/don't feel like eating b'fast and chatting)
  • Complain about work again- (another cry for help)
  • Hug my uncle goodbye (to apologize for complaining. It's not his fault)
  • Walk to the bus - (take the longer, scenic route to be around more people and boost mood)
  • Sit in the bus and write this  (me time/sanity)
  • Sit in train and write this (me time/sanity)
  • Write to-do list for work - (for ease of morning)
  • Buy breakfast- (I didn't sleep much, so I better eat so I don't passout or something)
  • Get into the office...

AFTER WORK. The cycle continues...
  • Abruptly leave the office at 8pm (again, I might need to streamline my work day)
  • Take the train/nap (desire to relax immediately/accidental)
  • Take the bus/nap (desire to relax immediately/accidental)
  • Get home
  • Sit in the living room with coat on...
Going through the above, I immediately noticed that I must do the following:
  • Write to-do list at my desk before leaving the office
  • When I get home, I need to get real and hang my coat by the door
  • I stay downstairs until everyone goes to bed because, in the end, I want alone time.  I need to go straight upstairs for a shower and pjs.  Reading, writing, and meditation are the real ways for relaxation.
  • I must get up early enough to have breakfast with my family. 
  • I must remember to be thankful
Let's see how these small routine adjustments affect the next few days...


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  1. Thanks for being so open and honest in your usage of time.
    I totally identify with you on "pick skin (desire for clear skin)" and then feeling the need to wear cosmetics BECAUSE you picked your skin. I am totally caught in that loop too; but guess what, since I read this post Two days ago to now I haven't touched my face! Reading your post made me realize That I was not only wasting time, but also money on cosmetics when I stand in front of the bathroom mirror!
    Guess what; my skin is already dramatically improving!

    Thanks for the honesty, it's adding a different level to my own journey into simple living :)