Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!
On a weekly basis, I will share with you my progress as I shed years of unwanted material things/thought processes, and make room for my truest passions. 
Throughout the last two years, I’ve discovered and cultivated tools that have brought me to this point. I’ve spent enough time acquiring knowledge without putting it to good use, until now.  These tools, I believe, will also help break past the barrier between accumulated knowledge and action steps to live a happy, stable and fulfilling life. 

The REAL turning point was this past Labor Day weekend, where I found myself reading through blogs, articles, and books, desperately searching for an answer – useful tools for freedom.  Here are the ones that really resonate with me:
Minimalism – After reading Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus' book, Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life, I felt enlightened. No.  I felt thrilled and motivated to finally get rid of all the excess things in my life that I used to cover up my anxiety and sadness.  I will keep only what’s important and document it all here.  Whether it’s material things, hobbies, email subscriptions, friends, habits- they will be grouped together, analyzed, and then donated, trashed, or treasured.  Minimalism is subjective and everyone will approach it differently based on their needs.  It will always be a “right minimalism” no matter how it’s done. 
Mindfulness Meditation – I stumbled upon this online while searching for a way to calm anxiety.  This particular type of meditation essentially involves focusing the mind on the present moment. To be mindful is to be aware of thoughts and actions in the present, without judgment. I’ve been doing this for some time now and will continue to do so a few times a week, 20 minutes per session.  This will help to quiet my bouncing mind and hear desires speak softly. This moment of solitude has been an amazing discovery in hearing my desires - the most difficult sound to hear in the bustle of New York City.  The right thoughts are there.  If you stop moving, focus on the present, and look past your fears, you will inch towards your truest life.  Here’s an inspirational blog entry by  Leo Babauta on solitude and creativity–
Wish me luck!

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