Sunday, September 30, 2012


I’m afraid of moving out on my own again.
I’m afraid of accumulating material things.
I’m afraid that I won’t pay attention.
I’m afraid that I’ll spend beyond my means.
I’m afraid of getting stuck in a career that makes me sick from stress.
I’m afraid of being tied down to things I discover aren’t for me.
I’m afraid of missing the things that count.
I’m dead serious about letting go of my fears.

I want you to stop wasting time with things that don’t matter.  I’m dead serious about this for you as well.  That’s the bridge between knowing and doing what you need to do. Minimalism is easy in the beginning, becomes difficult after the first buzz of confidence and excitement wears off, and is much easier over time, so you stick to it. Be patient with yourself and have confidence.

Most people that become minimalists were climbing the corporate ladder to accumulate things, only to realize that they’re no happier than they were before buying that stupid vase, or those skinny jeans.  Do it for the right reasons. What’s the money is for?  What is this paycheck REALLY for? For me, I need to find this out before moving out again.  I don't want to feel stuck, paying for a lifestyle that's not for me.
Small signs of progress.  I’m starting to see areas of simplicity and joy:

I’ve been sleeping a little better since revealing my evening and morning routines.  My daysconsisted of exhaustion, ruminating thoughts, procrastination and stress.  It felt like I was freaking out ALL day and that wasn’t healthy.  Cutting out the TV at night and instead, doing the things I enjoy- such as reading and sitting in silence, stops the desire to stay up till 2AM. Eliminate one major TV watching session has made all the difference. 

The morning routine starts the night before.  What you’re evening look like?
Streamlining of my work day will come next....


  1. I'm still enjoying reading your blog and am enjoying your honesty. I have just come to realise the peacefulness of sitting in silence and just thinking. Our lives seem so busy all the time and it always seemed like just sitting was wasting time. It can be quite rejuvinating. Good luck with streamlining your day.

  2. Hi again and thanks so much. I agree that having a moment to sit and think can be one of the most underrated and misunderstood activities. It's a chance to listen to ourselves.

    THe original plan to streamline my day involved tactics like tracking and measuring how long certain tasks take. While this was a good idea, a sudden vacation wound up being one of the major helpers in discovering what I needed to do for this phase. I had a chance to sit and listen to myself for a whole week.

    Your realization is a beautiful thing. Enjoy your day and especially your lovely moments of silence.